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AHCFE: Mission Statement and Executive Summary

Our Mission Statement

Mission Statement 

*We recognise the need to also advocate for ATP1A3 diseases alongside AHC given this is the principal gene causing AHC in approx. 80% of cases. 

We intend to do this across Europe by:

  1. Advocacy for patients and families of AHC and ATP1A3 diseases.
  2. Education and awareness of AHC and ATP1A3 diseases.
  3. Progressing research for AHC and ATP1A3 diseases.
  4. Support for European AHC and ATP1A3 organisations.
  5. Connecting AHC and ATP1A3 families throughout Europe.

AHCFE hope is to be able to connect with all European AHC organisations and ensure that no AHC family in a European country without an official AHC organisation feels isolated.

We also want to work closely with our international AHC community and the AHC International Alliance (AHCIA) and be a point of contact to disseminate important information to all European AHC organisations.